Commercial property leasing

Commercial property leasing

We assist both landlords and tenants with all their commercial property leasing needs.

If you’re a landlord or manager, we recognise that the lease IS the commercial value. If a lease is defective it can affect your return on investment. We have successfully effected better returns for a number of our landlord clients through vastly improved terms, better rent and better review terms which has resulted in real dollar gains.

If you’re a tenant, then we have compelling tenant advocates on our team who will fight hard for you.

Because we do act for so many landlords, we know what they expect from a deal and are realistic. We’ll move through the less important issues quickly to ensure we don’t get bogged down in protracted negotiations, which ultimately cost you more for no real benefit.
You can be confident we will negotiate the best possible lease for you, which addresses those areas that really matter.

If you want the best possible lease terms then talk to us about how we might be able to help.