Retail leasing

Retail leasing

We have been immersed in retail leasing since 1981 and have advised many owners/managers of shopping complexes and town centres on all legal issues associated with the development, management and operation of their centres.

If you’re an owner/manager we will help you to set up the best and most workable environment you can hope for. It’s important to get the right advice at the outset in order to ensure that you have maximum flexibility and control over your environment at the operating stage.

We will make sure we understand what you are trying to do at the outset and make suggestions based on our extensive experience advising others in this area. You can be confident that the documents we draft will reflect both what you want and need to achieve.

Our approach is to work as an integral part of your team and to focus on the big picture. Once we know and understand your business we can make your job easier by concentrating on the issues important to you. You will end up with a deal that works well for you and that minimises your exposure to legal risks.

We have developed tailor made agreements to lease and deeds of lease for multiple retail centres which have stood the test of time and which have helped to ensure the smooth running of these developments. We will do the same for you.

If you’re a major or other tenant, our compelling tenant advocates will fight hard for you on the things that matter to ensure you get the best possible lease terms. Our reputation and experience ensure that negotiations are kept on-point and on-target.

Because we regularly work for both owners and tenants we understand what the other side is thinking and what their key issues are. This enables us to deliver you better results, as we can advise in which areas to concede and in which to stand firm, thus ensuring deals don’t fall through over a minor issue.

If you are an owner/manager or a major or other tenant and want ready access to specialist retail lawyers whose advice you can trust, talk to us about how we might be able to help.